what’s YOUR purpose?

So I’m sitting here expounding upon my day in my head. I’ve had an exhausting day already. The old me would whine and complain about it but today is different. I’m proud to say that I’m moving forward and taking my life into my own hands. it’s up to me if i want to spread love, joy and prosperity to those around me.

put this in your pipe and smoke it (but not really, tobacco is gross):

live in the moment and live like this day will be your last. what do you want to experience before you die? what if the lifestyle you always dreamed of suddenly became a reality? how do you want to impact the people around you? what if you had the opportunity to do and say what you felt in your heart everyday? what do you wish you could say to someone before you leave this earth?

these are all questions i keep repeating over and over again in my head. I’ve now formed a clear complete vision of how i want my life to be. from this exercise I’ve learned that I’ve been holding myself back from doing the things i really want to do and saying the things i really want to say. the root cause of which is fear, laziness and sell doubt.

the answer of course is simple. we (you and me) only live once. so doesn’t it make sense to stop wasting time and work toward what you really want in this life? of course it does. now go BIG or go home.

do it now. stop giving a damn what other people think. just let it all go. be free. that is all.

make it happen.

-Adam Walker


The King of The City



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