Why Sell Your Louisville House or Apartments to Us for FAST CASH?

You have many choices when it comes to selling your property.  So why sell to us?

Fast and friendly service.

Check out this testimonial from our last client:

“A house was passed down to me after my mother passed, in horrible condition. Adam has been so helpful with everything, advising me on the steps to proceed to sell the house. Adam and his team moved in such a timely manner that the house was inspected, paperwork was signed, and the house was sold in roughly 2 weeks. Adam worked around my work schedule considering I live in Indiana and the house is in Kentucky. Adam is very professional, and can work around any situation. Adam was very respectful, friendly, fair, and more then helpful. I would recommend him to any and everyone, and would do more business with him!!!!!!”

– Shayda Killebrew – August 2nd 2012

Contact us today to get CASH Now for your Louisville KY property!


– Adam Walker


The King of The City



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