Need To Sell Your Louisville KY House Fast But Can’t Afford Repairs?

Do you have a House, Rental Property, or Apartment Building in Louisville KY that you NEED to sell YESTERDAY?!!  Tired of realtors saying you need to make tons of costly repairs in order to sell quickly?


I don’t know ANYONE who doesn’t need more cash in their pocket.  Whether you don’t have enough money for a cup of coffee or you have hundreds of thousands in the bank already,  we could all use more green to make our lives and the lives of those around us better.  Read on to find out how our group of investors can help you and How We Buy Houses in Louisville KY for FAST CASH.

Does one of these sound like you?

Types of Sellers we’ve successfully bought property from:

  • Heirs to an Estate who have inherited an unwanted home in need of major or minor repairs
  • Landlords wanting to get rid of a problem property that tenants keep destroying
  • Landlords wanting to Cash Out and retire from the business
  • Disputing family members who each own a percentage of the same property
  • People with mounting medical issues and bills
  • House Rich but Bank Account Poor individuals who just want out of their house
  • Someone who recently accepted a position and now needs to sell quickly in order to move
  • Someone in the middle of a rehab project who can no longer continue working on the project
  • A downsizing individual or couple who can’t or doesn’t want to spend time or money fixing up or updating a property

If any of these scenarios sounds like what you’re going through, contact us and we will gladly do our very best at assessing your situation and needs to determine if we would be the right fit for each other.

Visit to submit your information for review.

Th process is simple:  After assessment of your property, You get a quick close CASH offer from us and we take care of the rest.  No making repairs.  No waiting to find a buyer.  No complicated 76 page contracts to figure out.  No coordinating nightmares.  No games.  We only do deals that are a WIN/WIN for everyone involved.

Still not convinced?  It’s cool.  As human beings we’re hard wired to be skeptical.  I should know.   I am one.

Here of the Top Five Reasons Why You Should Sell Your House to a Local Real Estate Investment Company:

1.  Quick Close, Cash Offers – No waiting and hoping your buyer will get approved for conventional financing.

2.  Done for You Paperwork – We take care of all the paperwork.  All you have to do is sign a one page contract and show up to closing.

3.  You Don’t Have to Make Any Repairs – We want your ugly (or pretty) property just the way it is!

4.  We May Even Pay YOUR Closing Costs – In some cases, all you have to do is pay your property taxes.

5.  Fast, Friendly Service – We want to put a smile on your face!

– Adam Walker


The King of The City

PS.  You can also call or email me directly.  I look forward to helping you move on with your life and possibly making your bank account bigger!

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