Testimonial Sunday! Why work with us? Because we get things DONE.

Another appreciative house seller giving us a stellar review! Always Happy to Help!

August 08, 2013

“Working with Adam Walker to sell property for an estate was much easier than I expected.  I believe their offer was a fair price and transferring ownership was very simple.  We closed at Borders and Borders and when I arrived everything was ready.  In 15 minutes I left with a check to deposit in the Estate account.  This was the last piece needed to finish the estate and their friendliness made a difficult task easy to live with.  Would not hesitate to call them again.”

– Karen Howard

I love making people feel good about their decisions!  Can’t wait to hep more!  Do you need my help?  Just ask!

Dedicated to serving you,

– Adam Walker


The King of The City




1122 Lillian Ave Louisville, KY 40208



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