Your Vacant House Is Secretly Stealing Your Money

So for whatever reason you have a residential or commercial property that’s vacant.  Some people are totally content and ok with this.  They pay their taxes, keep their grass cut and pay their mortgage if they have one.  If you are one of those people, GREAT!
I don’t get you.


We’re all stuck on this floating rock in space for a reason.  Whatever your purpose is, a vacant property is holding you back.  I promise you this,  trust me.


Either you need the cash flow from a tenant occupied property or you need a lump sum of cash that would help you move towards your goals….starting a business, retirement, savings, your dream vacation, a vacation home, pay off your debt, buy a new car….whatever it is…selling your vacant property can get you moving in the right direction.


Not only that, there are quite a few negatives to having a property sit vacant for weeks, months, years or decades….


  • When your insurance company finds out (and they will) that your property is vacant, your rates will SKY ROCKET
  • A vacant property is susceptible to vandalism, not to mention break-ins and theft, leaving you with a HUGE mess to clean up and out potentially tens of thousands of dollars
  • If your property isn’t properly maintained you could begin to see major mechanicals fail.  Roof leaks, burst pipes, gas leaks, fires, and mold growth can all severely damage your property
  • Animals and squatters could likely call your vacant house their new home. (A friend of mine once tried to evict a squatter from her house only to find out that because the squatter had mail in their name coming to the house, she couldn’t just throw them out.  It was a whole BIG ordeal involving courts, judges, money and that extremely precious thing we call TIME)
  • The city can put liens on your property if you don’t maintain the exterior and yard as per the building codes in your city


Now, I don’t tell you these things to scare you.  Me?  I like scary movies, but I like to laugh and smile as much as possible just like you.  I simply want you to be aware of the things I have seen happen to others so you can make your own decision about selling your vacant property or not.  If you don’t want sell, then I don’t want to buy!

If you do want to sell and need my help, just ask.  I’m here to provide exceptional service for those that reach out to me.

Dedicated to serving you,

– Adam Walker


The King of The City

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