How Do I Get What I Want?

As I lay in bed evaluating my life and the people in it, I become more aware of the fact that life is so incredibly short.

Time is, in fact, our only asset.

As the minutes click by, I wonder what it’s like to accomplish the remainder of my life’s goals…a list that continues to grow each day.

So many people walk through life just coasting by, not really having a direction or a solid answer to the all important questions, “Why are you here?” or “What is your purpose?”

These can be daunting and it can be hard to refine your answers, but they are some of the most important questions you can ask of yourself.  As an example, I’ll share my purpose with you….sshhhhh it’s a secret….

My purpose is to help others and to be happy.  Sounds simple and straight forward doesn’t it?  But admittedly, I find it challenging at times to follow this recipe.

In my opinion, the number one most important thing you can do to not waste your time and fulfill the goals you have set for yourself is to surround yourself with those who can steer you in the right direction.  Be it a supportive spouse or a mentor filled with knowledge beyond their years….your life is a reflection of the company you keep.

Number two on that list should be doing what you love.  What do you love doing the most?  Can you monetize that to create a consistent income to sustain the lifestyle that you want to live?  The answer more often than not is OF COURSE you can.  It may take some ingenuity and a lot of creativity, but I believe anything that is worth doing requires work.  No one said you had to hate work 🙂

Focusing on these two components of your life will give you a much clearer picture and definition of your purpose. Don’t waste your time. It’ll be up before you know it.

Dedicated To Serving You,

– Adam

The King of The City


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