To Willow Grande or Not to Willow Grande?

Louisville KY Real Estate Investor and Developer Kevin Cogan has waited years to get the go ahead from metro council and the planning commission for his Willow Grande project. This newly revised rendering shows a 15 story condominium tower that will pay homage to the roaring 20’s in an attempt to blend seamlessly among a sea of Historic Highlands Homes and other multifamily properties of the same era.

willow-grande-rendering 304xx2651-3973-621-373

Cogan talks about revised Willow Grande plan ahead of public hearing

Willow Grande’s proposed building site is currently home to Cogan’s Bordeaux Apartments, a 22 unit 3 story building completed in the mid 1960’s at the corner of Willow Ave and Baringer Ave.                (I actually spent time in and around this building as a teenager.)

Bordeaux apartments

I’m definitely a proponent of this project, as I believe it takes this property closer to its highest and best use, will share similar aesthetics to the surrounding neighborhood and provide luxury condos to those with deep pockets and a desire to be just steps from magnificent Cherokee Park.  Speaking of, one of Cogan’s past projects was The Park Grande at 1604 Cherokee Rd. This 6 unit building was finished in 2006 with each unit occupying a floor of the building.

park grande

There are those who oppose this project but this time I think Cogan’s Jefferson Development Group has the right idea.  I’ll be excited to hear the outcome of the February 25 public hearing!


Make Today Amazing.


– Adam Walker

The King of The City


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