KY Home Buyer – What makes us different?

The truth remains that property buyers and property sellers are juxtaposed on two different sides of a delicate equation.  And yet BOTH must win.

When it comes to selling or buying Louisville KY Real Estate there are two certainties:

A property seller wants to sell for the MOST money possible and a property buyer wants to buy for the LEAST money possible.

This unique situation needs to be crafted, molded and cradled very carefully, especially if there is no realtor or broker involved in the transaction.


As a KY Home Buyer I consider the most important part of my job to be creating a WIN/WIN situation for those parties involved. Yes, making the most money I can on an investment property is great, but not if it’s at the expense of a home seller by insulting or taking advantage of them or their situation.  Those home sellers that are in a NEED To Sell situation versus those that are in a WANT To Sell situation lend themselves to be taken advantage of by unscrupulous real estate investors because they believe that is their only option.

Your job as a home seller should be to research and find that one person or company that really resonates with you.  Are you looking for the most money?  Do you care if they care about you?  Or do you want to deal with someone who you know has your back and your best interest and the best interest of the property at heart?

Story time:  My real estate partners and I bought a house last year (2014) in the Hikes Point area.  The couple wanted to move out of state and had already taken several trips to find a new place.  After looking at their house I was able to get them a written offer the next day in their mail box.  After reviewing it, the couple called to say that they had received another higher offer the week before but that the other investor was only willing to give a verbal offer, not a written one.  Actions speak louder than words most times.  So, in this case, the seller was willing to accept less for their house because they wanted to deal with our company instead of someone elses.

Rapport is important and if you treat people right, they will treat you right.

Let me know how I can serve you,


– Adam Walker

The King of The City


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