Blood, Sweat and Meditation.

How do you sift through all the junk in your life to find what you really want?  Get Focused.  How do you Focus?  Start with Meditation.

Meditation is a great tool to calm your mind, refocus your energy, and use the power of intention to create your life as you want it.

Daily meditations of 15-30 minutes can dramatically change the way your feel (physically and mentally), speak, and present yourself.

I highly recommend starting your day with a session.  Here are a few important steps to follow as you begin to add meditation to your daily routine:
1.  Maintain Good Posture

2.  Keep Your Eyes Closed

3.  Focus – In other words, don’t try to plan your day, Just Be.

4.  Pay Attention To Your Breathing – Don’t regulate it – Just Let It Be Natural

5.  When your thoughts begin to drift, notice it and then return your focus to your breathing

6.  Nothing beats simple silence – I recommend turning off your tv, music and phone

7.  Be comfortable and happy with your surroundings as you meditate – make it a special place

8.  Have FUN and ENJOY it!

If you think you need a bit more structure in your meditation creations, Oprah and Deepak Chopra have teamed up to give you 21 days of FREE meditation sessions.  Their upcoming meditation experience is focused on Manifesting True Success.  Go HERE to register and attend for FREE.  Hurry!  It’s starts March 16!

Join us for this FREE 3-week journey to travel a path from limiting beliefs to discovering within yourself that your successes can be infinite.


Let Me Know How I Can Serve You,

– Adam Walker

The King of The City


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