Louisville Food Hub To Break Ground This Year

Something is happening in the Portland neighborhood of our fair city of Louisville KY.  Actually this revitalization encompasses 3 total neighborhoods:  Portland, Russell, and Shawnee.  Community leaders and creative thinkers have finally taken an interest in rebuilding the cityscape and community that is Portland, a portion of West Louisville that has been blighted over the last few decades.


The non-profit Seed Capital Kentucky has purchased 24 acres of land at 30th St between Market St and Muhammad Ali Blvd that once was used by the National Tobacco Co. to dry, cut and package tobacco purchased from Kentucky farmers.

(FUN FACT:  My grandfather retired from his supervisory position at this same manufacturing facility from the Lorillard Tobacco Company before the National Tobacco Co. acquired them in 1988.  At the time, Lorillard was the oldest tobacco manufacturer in the country.  More on these companies and the North Atlantic Trading Company HERE.)

The plan is for local food and agricultural businesses to occupy the site, providing relief for the growing demand for fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables.  Oh, AND this will provide hundreds of much needed permanent jobs for the area too.



This project brings 3 words to mind:  Opportunity.  Community.  Sustainability.  I’m all for it.

View the Courier-Journal Story HERE.

Start thinking about What’s Possible.


– Adam Walker

The King of The City




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