8 Tips To Quickly Sell Your Louisville House

As a seasoned Louisville Real Estate Investor I’ve dealt with many different situations in which a home owner needs to sell quickly. From avoiding foreclosure, getting divorced or transferred, to settling an estate, unloading a long time rental property or just wanting to get rid of a problem property, whatever the reason you have for selling I can help!


Here are a few tips if you need to sell your Louisville house quickly:

1. Making Repairs – Don’t worry about making any repairs or updates as your taste might not be what the potentially interested buyer wants. It’s best to sell ‘As-Is’ so they can make the house exactly what they want.

2. Loan Balance? – If there is a loan balance, be sure you have a good idea of what that balance is (Even better is having the EXACT amount handy). This is very important when selling to an investor because this can make or break a deal.

3. Liens? – Are there any liens on you or your property? This would be great information to know and share with your house buyer. If you are unaware or unwilling to divulge this information this could lead to the deal being a HUGE waste of time for everyone. Plus, it will eventually become known after the title company does a title search.

4. Floodplain? – Finding out if your property is in a FEMA floodplain is also helpful. Click HERE to visit the MSD floodplain determination website.

5. Having full right to sell – There are only a few ways you can sell a property if you are not the legal owner of record. Being an Administrator or Executor of the estate of the previous owner of record or having Power of Attorney, with a right to sell real estate, over the owner of record are a few of them. Be sure you have full right to sell before picking up the phone.

6. Utilities still on? – If the utilities are on at the property you will need to call the Louisville Water Company and Louisville Gas & Electric to terminate your service on the date of closing. It will be the responsibility of the buyer to request service in their name from then on.

7. What’s left? – If you and the buyer have agreed upon certain items in the house staying or leaving, make sure that this is done by your closing date.

8. Title Company – Make sure you have a reputable and competent closing attorney or title company lined up and ready to take care of your transaction. I recommend www.BordersandBorders.com

Of course these are only a few tips for selling your Louisville KY house fast. If you have any questions about something that I didn’t cover in this article please…

Let Me Know How I Can Serve You,

– Adam Walker

The King of The City




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