In a galaxy far far away…

Today I have a quote to share:

“We live in a galaxy that contains several hundred thousand million stars. Then realize that we live in a universe that has several hundred thousand million galaxies. In other words, there are several hundred thousand million suns in our galaxy alone. And all of these suns have planets revolving around them as well!

Think of the magnitude. The stars in our galaxy make one turn around the Milky Way’s axis only once every several hundred million years. When you think about the immensity of this universe, and then look at the life span of an average human being (generously about eighty years), does it give you a different perspective? The human life span is but a speck in time. And yet people worry themselves to death about things like how they’re going to pay the mortgage, what kind of car they drive, or how their next business meeting will go.”

– Tony Robbins

tony robbins

If it seems like I share a lot of his teachings, it’s because I do.  Because he is undeniably one of the smartest individuals on the planet.

Stop thinking small and start thinking about what’s possible.


– Adam Walker

The King of The City


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