Would you pay more Green to be Green?

Have Austrailians unveiled the future of Real Estate?   Can one prefab home in Sydney really produce more energy than it uses?  Check out the details Below from  EcoWatch.com :

World’s First Carbon-Positive Prefab Home Hits the Market


So let us ponder the question, Could we imagine this specific type of sustainable living like this in Louisville KY?  With our median home prices below the $186k price tag of a 3 bed 2 bath 300sqft prefab home like this one, I’m not banking on it being a huge trend for our market, but I definitely wouldn’t rule it out for those discerning home buyers with a little more cash to spend that want to reduce their carbon footprint and get paid by selling the energy they create back to the power grid companies.  Sounds pretty good to me.  Although I might opt for a larger model.

More on this designer and fabricator at Archiblox.com.au

Continue thinking about what’s possible.  We’re living in an incredible age of creativity and abundance.

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– Adam Walker

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