Are You On Auto-Pilot?

What brings you Joy?  What makes you happy?


Interestingly enough, some people have a hard time answering this question.

We go through the motions day in and day out.  Work, Eat, Sleep, Rinse Repeat.  Ever get to a destination in your car and think, ‘How did I get here?  I don’t remember driving.’  Yeah, me too.  If your brain is on auto-pilot you’re not fully in the present, or in The Now.  You’re not fully experiencing the best of what this extraordinary life has to offer.

What jolts me back into consciousness is doing the things that I love and doing what brings me joy.  I know that I live to serve and when I can bring joy to others is when I experience my own joy the most.  I also love being creative.  When I’m creating something (anything from music, art, writing, building, design, cooking, gardening, etc) it gives me a sense of purpose, a sense of being.  Also, I can call it mine.  When I’m proud of what I’ve created I want to share it with the world to bring value to the people and environment around me.

You are the source of your own happiness.  Create it or Die.

TODAY’S TO DO:  I want you to nail down what specific actions you can take to bring MORE Happiness and MORE Joy into your life.  Make yourself accountable.  Comment below and tell me what gets your juices flowing…

Make Today Amazing.

 – Adam Walker

The King of The City


I can get to my happy place with these…


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