Are you Oscar the Grouch?

You know what I love about life? I get to wake up and create myself anew every day. If I wanted to I could be a completely different person today than I was yesterday or last year. From the moment my eyes open every morning I get to choose how I live my day, how I feel, who I interact with, what I focus on, and how to grow and be of more value to the world around me.

Nothing is more important to me than living my purpose every single day. AND I can change my purpose every day, every week, every month or every year.

Aside from Time and Health, the Freedom of Choice is the most powerful asset you can possess. When you are able to Choose how to spend your Time and use it wisely to help the lives of others the universe does a funny thing….It provides you with whatever you ask for.

Are you asking the universe for the right things or the wrong things? Do you often say , “I don’t want to be fat, or I don’t want to be poor, or I don’t want to lose this game, or I don’t want people to laugh at me”? If so, the universe will inevitably give you those things because you’re focusing on the negative aspects of your situation. In other words, as cute and cuddly as a trash monster might be, Don’t Be Like Oscar.


By saying, “I want to be confident, or I want to be rich, or I want to be in shape, or I want to win this game” you focus your mind on the positive aspects of your situation and you begin to work towards those goals rather than dwell on the negative.

Once you have a specific goal (example: I want to make $20,000 in the next 27 days) your mind starts to focus on that goal and you will begin to ask yourself different questions like “How can I achieve this? Who do I know that can help me? What will my life be like when I achieve this?”

TO DO: Brainstorm today on what you want to ask the universe for and then put it out there. The law of attraction is real, but the most important part to remember is that you MUST take ACTION after you ask. ASKING + MASSIVE ACTION = RESULTS

Do you need my help? Just Ask.


– Adam Walker

The King of The City


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