Killing Cancer

Almost every one on the planet has been affected by the disease known as cancer.  Whether you’ve had it and beat it or still have it, a family member or partner has died from it, or a friend just got their diagnosis, we’ve all been touched by this ravenous killer that’s only second to Heart Disease among modern day leading causes of death.  Two of my grandparents have died from lung cancer so I know all too well what it does.

A couple of days ago 60 minutes shared an uplifting story that could forever change the way we look at, treat, and potentially cure certain types of brain cancers such as glioblastoma’s.  The basis of the Duke University study involves another great human killer too, Polio.  Special Note:  I recently had a Louisville Home Seller tell me that prior to her husband’s passing they tried to be a part of this groundbreaking study but because of his glioblastoma’s advanced stage he wasn’t eligible.  Even still, she gave high praise to the doctor heading up this study.  Click the image or link below to watch the segment or read the transcript.


60 minutes killing cancer


Make Today Amazing.  You Never Know When Your Time Will Be Up.

– Adam Walker

The King of The City


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