I Am The Greatest

If I ask you to name some of the greatest athletes of all time who comes to mind for you? Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Babe Ruth, Pele, Jackie Robinson, Wayne Gretzky, Sugar Ray Robinson, Michael Phelps, Muhammad Ali?




Being from Louisville KY, Muhammad Ali is one of the greatest if not The Greatest Boxer that has ever lived. His boyhood home where his values were instilled still stands today at 3302 Grand Ave in the Parkland Neighborhood of West Louisville.




Ali reigned supreme in the 1960’s and 1970’s as the top world heavy weight champion and is considered a local and worldwide icon. This is apparent with the completion of the Muhammad Ali Center in Beautiful Downtown Louisville in 2005.




The humble upbringing of Ali in West Louisvillle gave birth to a motivational powerhouse.




I remain optimistic that his boyhood home will become a museum and maybe even a centerpiece of the West Louisville community. There were talks as of late last year that this was to become a reality, but deals have fallen through since then. A recent Courier-Journal article with interviews follows the details here http://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/local/2015/03/24/muhammad-ali-boyhood-home-restoration-project-stalls-new-backer-interested/70374910/

Ali has and continues to be a recognizable face and influence within our Possibility City of Louisville KY.   We are proud to have Ali, his Center and his boyhood home as landmarks in our community.


Let Me Know How I Can Serve You,

– Adam Walker

The King of The City




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