“Nothing affects your life more than your self-image, because the world views you as you view yourself.  The amount of success you have in your career, with women, and with your mission in life all come down to the level of confidence and esteem that you have in yourself. ”  – Mike Dillard.

If you’re at all interested in developing yourself into the type of person that deep down you know you are…..listen to Mike Dillard’s recent 51 minute cal with Felicia Spahr:


What is the biggest obstacle you’re facing in your life right now?  Start the conversation by letting me know in the comments below.

Let Me Know How I Can Serve You,

– Adam Walker

The King of The City


PS:  My partners and I are looking for 2 more Louisville houses to buy with CASH by the end of May.  Do you need to sell your house fast?  Give me a shout.

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