We Buy Houses Cash in Louisville and We Can Buy Your Home Too!

We Buy Houses Louisville.  How does it work?  You really can Sell Your Louisville House Fast for Cash, yourself, in just a few simple steps.  I was talking to a discouraged home seller the other day while making an offer to buy their house in Louisville for cash, and I realized that others might benefit from learning what I told this seller.  First off, let me tell you that as a local Louisville wholesale real estate investor I do not look to list houses like an agent.  I’m actually looking to BUY houses in Louisville.

We were discussing price and the issue that came up was that I had offered a little less than what they had paid for the property initially, based on the current condition of the property and the recent comparable sales in the area.  The seller was upset that they were going to loose a little money on deal.


We Buy Houses Cash Louisville
We Buy Houses Cash Louisville
(Side note:  Making low ball offers is not my thing.  I want to be as fair as possible when dealing with a potential client for a number of reasons….Karma is REAL, I feel GREAT when I help distressed Louisville Home Sellers, AND if I do a GREAT job then my clients are more likely to refer us business.  However, sometimes people don’t agree on price.  It is what it is and I move on knowing that there are plenty of other people out in the world that need my help!)


Ok, let’s get back to it…


Generally speaking, when I do make an all cash offer on a Louisville home, I come in right where I need to be in order to make my minimum expected profit.  This does 2 things:  Makes it fair for the seller as I have left meat on the bone for them and the possible equity they have earned and gives me a little bit of money on the back end, without having to dicker back and forth (I’ve gotta eat too).


So, realistically if the above mentioned seller held out for more money they would incur more costs over the coming months (or years depending on how long it would take to sell at that higher price) that would include taxes, insurance, utilities, possible vandalism if the house is vacant, and a myriad of other costs.  Not to mention they don’t have cash in hand to do what they want like, say….buy more real estate, invest in stocks, pay off debt, go on a dream vacation, pay for medical bills, create a college fund for their children or grandchilden, pad their savings or retirement account….you get the idea…


Taking a loss on anything is hard for anybody to stomach….HOWEVER, in some cases, especially when selling real estate, it becomes the best option.


A distressed or inherited property is only an asset when you liquidate it.  Until then, it’s a liability.  A big one.


We can always get more money….We can NEVER get more time.  When selling your house to a Louisville Real Estate Flipper, Rehabber, or Investor, do your due diligence but remember that being open, willing and flexible are qualities that will make for a great relationship and transaction.


To your success,


– Adam Walker
The King of The City

PS. My partners and I are looking for 3 more Louisville Houses to Buy in the next 30 days. If you need to sell your Louisville House Fast, we want to be YOUR KY Home Buyer! Visit TheKingofTheCity.com/Sell-Now for more info.


My Beautiful Friends and I Celebrating at a Killer Wedding Over The Weekend!We Buy Houses

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