Are you Trash or are you Treasure?

Raise your hand if you want to live in a trash filled apartment, house, neighborhood or city.  Anyone?  Anyone?…

Over the past few months I’ve seen multiple people within my community of Louisville KY throw trash into the street from their car, throw trash into parking lots while directly next to trash cans or dumpsters and throw trash into tree lined park areas.  Not to mention the trash I already observe in streets, on sidewalks and in local parks.

I honestly cannot accurately describe the amount of rage I feel when I see this actively happen.  Here’s 2 most recent accounts of what I’ve observed concerning these happenings:

April 21, 2018.  Intersection of Hikes Ln and Breckenridge Ln, Louisville, KY:

While stopped at a red light today, with my mother in the passenger seat of my car, I saw the passenger of a car in front of me toss his fast food garbage out the window onto the street.  My reaction?  I immediately put my car in park, unbuckled my seatbelt, threw my door open, walked up to the car, picked up the trash, shook my head and walked back to my car. (The trash in the car did not deserve my eye contact even though I knew he saw me). As if to taunt me, the same thing happened from the same car at the next red light.  My reaction was the same.  No confrontation.  No words exchanged.  Clear Eyes.  Full Hearts.  Can’t Lose.

February 10, 2019.  Wendy’s Restaurant at the corner of Bardstown Rd and Grinstead Dr, Louisville, KY:

While in line at the drive-thru of the Wendy’s at 1108 Bardstown Rd ( Don’t judge me, I was tired and hungry) I observed a couple exit the restaurant and head for their vehicle.  Prior to their leaving, the male that was headed to the driver’s door of the car tossed his half filled fountain cup on the ground while walking around the parameter of the car.  For perspective, he was parked directly next to a dumpster with an open lid.  After seeing this I immediately punched the gas, tires squealing, exited the drive-thru line, parked in the nearest parking spot, jumped out of my car, picked up his trash (while in plain site of the driver) and tossed it into the dumpster.  Then left the restaurant without ordering any food because I was too disgusted to do anything else.

Even over the last few weeks I’ve observed trash out front of my home or my mother’s home that I willingly chose to pick up and dispose of, not because it’s my trash that I’ve left but because I feel it’s my responsibility to take care of.  I’m unwilling to live in an environment filled with trash that needs to be elsewhere.  (Figuratively and Literally).

I will never understand people who think it’s okay to toss their trash or litter on the sidewalk, street or in a public park.  How is that acceptable?  How selfish are you?  Do you not respect the place in which you frequent or live?  The earth which gave and continues to give you life?  The bodies of water that grow the food you eat? Do you feel like a contributing member of society when you leave your trash on the side of the road?  How would your grandparents, parents, children and grand children think of you when you do this?  Honestly, If you really don’t care….then GTFO.  I don’t want you here in my city or even on this planet.

I recently saw a video shared to Facebook, from somewhere in Asia I believe, where a driver was tossing his trash out the window of his car right next to someone who was cleaning and sweeping the street.  He swept up the trash.  What happened next?  A passer by witnessed even more trash being thrown out by the driver, grabbed the broom and dustpan, swept up the rest of the trash and tossed it back into the driver’s car.

Update: Here’s the YouTube link to that video clip

Beware:  That’s exactly what I’m going to do the next time I see someone litter from or near their car.

How can you or I make a difference? A little goes a long way. Be sure that your personal waste is disposed of properly. The next time you see any type of trash on the ground, pick it up and place it where it belongs (Within reason, I’m not asking you to put your own health at risk). I promise you’ll feel like a better human being by doing your part and loving your mother (earth). Share your passion of leaving Possibility City better than you found it by volunteering for Louisville Bright Side Neighborhood Cleanups here:

Louisville, are you Trash or are you Treasure?

Make Today Amazing.

– Adam Walker

The King of The City


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