It’s becoming clearer and clearer to me that NOW IS THE TIME. What do I mean by this? The moment we are born we start to die.  I don’t say that to be morbid, that’s just a fact.  You can choose to ignore it or choose to be empowered by it.  What we do with … More THE TIME IS NOW

I Am The Greatest

If I ask you to name some of the greatest athletes of all time who comes to mind for you? Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Babe Ruth, Pele, Jackie Robinson, Wayne Gretzky, Sugar Ray Robinson, Michael Phelps, Muhammad Ali?     Being from Louisville KY, Muhammad Ali is one of the greatest if not The Greatest … More I Am The Greatest

Louisville Foreclosure?  How to sell your house fast to a local home buyer

After the housing bubble crisis of 2008, hearing the word Foreclosure became commonplace for most people.  Even though the Louisville Real Estate Market wasn’t hit as bad as some states like California, Nevada and Florida, there were still many local homeowners facing a looming foreclosure sale. While currently there may not be as many foreclosures … More Louisville Foreclosure?  How to sell your house fast to a local home buyer

Killing Cancer

Almost every one on the planet has been affected by the disease known as cancer.  Whether you’ve had it and beat it or still have it, a family member or partner has died from it, or a friend just got their diagnosis, we’ve all been touched by this ravenous killer that’s only second to Heart … More Killing Cancer